Every picture on this website, with no exception, is taken from one place - our Dartmouth office garden


TVFTDO is TheViewFromTheDartmouthOffice.com

Welcome to The View From The Dartmouth Office.

Started in 2009 by myself, Andy Kyle, a former professional photographer. This website records the comings and goings in, on, around and above the River Dart in Dartmouth, Devon, England. Home of the world famous Britannia Royal Naval College, this South Hams port of Dartmouth has been a temporary home to thousands of naval officers who have undergone training at the college. From the present Prince of Wales back to his great grandfather King George VI many members of the Royal family have passed through Dartmouth,which as one of the prettiest ports in the south west of England is not only a centre of naval training but also a busy fishing port and an extremely popular tourist destination.

It's also a fantastic place to work. Although I retired from fulltime work in 2020 I still find enough at my desk that qualifies as working from home.  In front of one of the most amazing views from any office in the country. There is always something happening that simply must be photographed.

Originally this was a Facebook page but I wanted to create a stand alone website which finally evolved in 2010. However, the program I used to build the site went way past its sell by date and so, in May 2019 I started planning on rebuilding the site. In the short term this will probably mean you will only see the more recent pictures, but I will gradually add the years back to 2009. I may even start scanning some old film and take us back to 2003 when Helen and I arrived in Dartmouth. As of November 2023 photos are loaded up back to 2017 plus all of 2010. It's a slow old process and captioning will take even longer.

As of 2023 there are over 18,000 pix on the site. The rest will all come here and in time the site will be fully searchable. So if you came to Dartmouth to visit, or perhaps you arrived on a cruise ship or a yacht or as a Navy chap or chapess aboard a Navy frigate, you just might even be able to find photos of your stay in the port.

You can email TVFTDO at feedback@tvftdo.com

TheViewFromTheDartmouthOffice.com  gets emails from all around the world from visitors to the site (thus far exceedingly complimentary).

Marios wrote: “I believe you have the best office in the world man. It's like watching National Geographic every day, all day.”

Who am I to argue?

Ian in Hobart said: “entering the Dart was like gliding into a 3D postcard filled with heritage, history and wall-to-wall nautical magic”  

What a fabulous description of this marvelous place.